Urban planner by training – technologist by choice. After graduating from Columbia University with a Masters in Urban Planning, Sika spent over 15 years in workforce development and paved the way for infrastructure and real estate development in 26 communities around the globe-spanning 3 continents.

Sika is one of the co-founders of UNCUT LAB LLC, a cloud-computing firm that specializes in designing and engineering powerful software applications for small businesses that sell goods and services to local and state governments. Sika and her team leverage the power of emerging technologies, specifically, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to help these businesses remain competitive.

About Sika

Well, well,’ve landed on my page. So my guess is, you’re curious about this woman with a super long foreign name who rants once in a while on social media. Okay, you came to the right place. You can get the information from the horse’s mouth. So first things first, my credentials. Now that it is out of the way to focus on what’s important...urban tech, blockchain, and the future of U.S. inner cities and Sub-Saharan Africa coastal cities.

So what is interesting about my education?. I started off my secondary school education in boarding school. A historically black one, called Piney Woods, to be exact. Interesting fact: there are only a handful of historically black boarding schools left in the U.S. (maybe good because of integration, but mostly bad because they are cultural gems, but I digress).

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